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Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts was founded by Roger Siminoff in 1967 in W. Orange, NJ. While working in the publishing and later, tech industries, he continued to build stringed instruments, and refine his technique through research, experimentation and, of course, playing. In 2007, he and his wife, Rosemary, brought on Kali and Ken to expand the business in his “retirement” in Arroyo Grande, CA. Little did they know that Kali would lead the charge and transition Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts from a call-and-order shop to a 24-7 online store.

Business continued to increase, and they moved the shop north a bit to accommodate growing inventory and shipping needs, along with realizing Roger’s longtime dream of offering Luthierie Camps. In 2012, Nolan came aboard, an artist and with experience repairing and restoring violins in Salt Lake City, UT. About a year later, Amy came aboard to provide marketing and operations support to Kali and Nolan, allowing Roger and Rosemary to fulfill another dream of touring in their Airstream. In January 2013, Kali and Amy acquired Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts, and along with Nolan, form the day-to-day team.

Our Team

Kali Nowakowski

Kali Nowakowski

Kali is the owner of the Straight Up Strings by Siminoff and has been involved in the bluegrass industry for over 11 years. After graduating with a degree in Communications at Long Beach State (CA), Kali initially worked for Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts to help in the shop and fulfill orders. In no time at all, she produced an award-winning email newsletter and solidified Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin Parts as an online presence with 24-7 online and international ordering. During her time with Siminoff she helped launch Siminoff Luthierie Camp, a weeklong mandolin building workshop. She also designed and built an F5 mandolin with the help of Roger Siminoff in 2008.

After purchasing Siminoff Banjo & Mandolin Parts from Roger in 2013 she continued to manage the online store, shop production, and customer service. After years of testing, Straight Up Strings for mandolin was launched in 2014. In the following year, banjo and guitar strings were added to the lineup. In 2018, Kali became to sole owner of Straight Up Strings and has continued to run day-to-day operations. She has grown the family of artist-endorsers to over 20 with more being added in the coming year. She continues to grow the string business through online presence and bluegrass community outreach.

Roger Siminoff

Roger Siminoff

Roger maintains an active advisory role and no longer on a strict production schedule, has been able to focus on product development and research.


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